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New Metal Art Jewelry Website! And new blog!

Hello metal art jewelry lovers! I'm really excited to unearth Sparkle Pow's brand spankin' new website! With age, comes grace and hopefully wisdom too- so I hope this new format and design carries a bit more of those two elements. Because I explore the worlds of both shadows and light- I generally feel drawn toward darker colors and high contrast imagery, as the light, bright pieces usually beacon on their own. But- I wanted to strip down the bells and whistles from the old site and see what remained. I'm loving the cleaner, lighter look and hope you do to. Let me know what you think and if there are any folds to iron out as you navigate!

News from the studio:

I continue to work on the "Elemental" series of pieces and just returned from the local gemshow with some very inspiring gemstones and natural objects (Butterfly wings! Faceted labradorite, chrysophase, tourmalines and more!) to play around with in the studio. I've been oscilating between working with the elements, Earth and Fire- a natural pairing in these process' and materials.

My plan is to update you here, with progress and inspirations. Keep posted for new work and studio news coming soon! <3


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