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I'm working with what comes through me and consider myself a conduit. I work in ritual, hoping to create pieces that will function as fashion accouterments, wearable altar pieces, and objects of power. I'm drawn toward unearthing polarities I see in the natural, emotional, and spirit worlds, and toward materials that emulate these relationships. 

I feel connected to jewelry and metal for their heirloom qualities and specific roles in carrying memory and meaning through families, personal identities, and time. This draws me to themes such as 'the elements' and 'personal altars,' as well as non-traditional materials that carry these stories, such as hair, teeth, bones, and insect wings, and also raw minerals and gemstones that emulate nature. This connection also draws me toward re-milling grandmother's gold and recycling diamonds. There are stories inherited by the materials that become held and also transformed by the art. When you see a piece that belongs to you- you will know it. I truly believe each piece has an unforeseen owner way before it's been created. I'm here hoping to bring you and your piece/s into union!


When I'm creating, I'm looking toward spirit, nature, identity, community, the lineage of our geographical locations, and of our chosen and given families. I look at the places on the body a piece of jewelry is intended to be worn and think about what is communicated between the body and the materials, and work from there to illustrate links. My goal is to create pieces that make you feel aligned with your own power.  

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