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How do I care for my jewelry?

What about the patina???

Your jewelry is unique, handcrafted, made with natural materials and love. As with all natural things- the color/patina on your metal will change over time. Personally, I feel this is a mark of the fact that you have purchased a living, growing piece of magic- and the changes it goes through are suited to its existence. If you are a person who can dig that but still wishes deep heartedly for a shiny shiny back-to-new-condition finish before all that natural oxidation occurred, you can bring some surfaces back to the color they were when things were *shiny* and new by rubbing the surface using a Sunshine polishing cloth. Please *do not* do this over gold-leafed areas- this will remove the gold leafing.

Most all of my work has been oxidized intentionally. Over time, this can wear off if the piece is exposed to certain environments or worn a lot.  If you'd like to have me re-oxidize your pieces in the future, I would be happy to, at your cost of shipping both ways.


Can I get it wet?

The best way to slow down the oxidation process is to keep your pieces dry at ALL times, and out of contact with air when not in use.  Pool chlorine, hot tubs, lotions, shampoos, etc.. all will have an effect on your jewelry. Electroformed jewelry and certain stones should also not get wet. Just please take your jewelry off before you go diving in, ok?!

Where should I keep it?

Protecting your jewelry from exposure to moisture, the bottom of your purse, your toddler's grasping lovely little fingers are all advisable moves. All of my work is made by my own two hands. Keep your jewelry in your bedroom or elsewhere- not a bathroom or hanging above your kitchen sink. Even better- if you have a jewelry box, a protected drawer, a hanky-lined box, etc... 

What about the copper pieces?

Copper electroformed pieces require extra care. These pieces have an inner core, surrounded by metal and many of them have a surface layer of 24k gold leaf. Please treat these pieces as you would any other beautifully handmade thing. Keep them in jewelry boxes,  They are made out of metal- but not meant to yank on, hang from, or sustain the impact of being thrown/dropped/run over by your lawnmower, etc.. (though I do appreciate high femme realness while gardening and doing yardwork.) 


If your jewelry suffers any damage, I can repair it at your cost if it was your doing, and at my cost, if it was a fabrication error. Please be honest with me about how the break occurred- I'm a one-person show.  If your kiddo yanked on a chain and it broke-- that is quite different than if you take something out of a box and an ear wire breaks off. I trust you will act with integrity around this honor system. Send clear photos to of the breakage with a description of what happened, note for how long you've had it, and  Let me know how it broke. Repairs due to something other than a fabrication error will generally be charged by the hour. I will send you a personalized quote upon receipt of your information if this occurs. 

I do not repair other people's work, but am happy to recommend local folks who would love to!

Ring Sizing/Chain Length

Electroformed rings cannot be resized. Fabricated silver/gold rings can for a resizing fee of $35 plus shipping costs. Please send me an email with your request and I would be happy to make sure your pieces fit you perfectly!

Necklace chains can be swapped out for longer/shorter versions for an adjustment fee of $5-$10 plus shipping costs.


I want you to LOVE your jewelry. Like truly, madly, deeply LOVE your jewelry. That said- I'm a one-person show and once pieces have been purchased I do not offer returns of exchanges unless very special circumstances have occurred-- and never for custom work. You may cancel any order before it has been shipped for a full refund. If you'd like to request a return or exchange for extenuating special circumstances, please email These requests must be received within one week of delivery. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs as well as for the monetary value of any damage that has occurred to the piece/s while in the buyer's care. 

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