One-of-A-Kind and Custom Made Artisan jewelry

Chrystal Sunshine makes one-of-a-kind and custom elegant, raw, silver and gold artisan jewelry using ethically sourced materials and green studio standards. Chrystal's unique jewelry is handcrafted, sawed, hammered, soldered, polished and perfected from her Bay Area, California studio.

Water Necklace
Water Drop Earrings
Spirit House
Spirit House
Priestess Necklace
Shooting Star Necklace
Green Tourmaline Wings
Butterfly Wings in Silver and Gold
Green Tourmaline Drops
Rose gold and rose cut green diamond
Garden Flower Rings
Custom wedding rings set
Custom wedding ring
Necklace for Grieving
Rivets and Lace Sage Burner Ring
Butterfly Necklace
Planetary Pendant
Element Earth Necklace
Crystaline Cuff
Cocoon Necklace
Hollow Hair Ring
Lotus Necklace
Chrome Ring
Velociraptor ear weights
Fold formed earrings
Third Eye Necklace
Growth Necklace
Cat eye ring
Custom Yggdrasil Bracelet
Perfumed locket
Cocoon locket
Citrine Ring