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Gorgeous square cut of black tourmaline from Brazil, with a magical little quartz inclusion top center. Encased in copper and embellished with 24k gold. Hangs from an 18" copper chain with an s-hook bronze clasp. 


On Black tourmaline: Empaths- Witches- Sensitive creatures of all kinds: Black tourmaline will change your life. Black tourmaline is literally the reason why years ago, I started making jewelry instead of sculpture. Do you pick up energy from watching a tense interaction across the street? A handshake.. a conversation with the grocery store clerk… a random phone call with a customer service agent or your mom?

I started wearing this stone in my bra decades ago when I was a waitress and bartender… because I began noticing that I was drinking a lot of alcohol to try and manage and numb out all the energy I was picking up left and right from interacting with so many people all day and night. I had a hard time clearing and needed help to stop absorbing so much of other people’s “stuff”. A big black rough crystal would sometimes fall out of my bra at inoportune moments in front of cute customers or coworkers or my boss. And they’d be like “wtf?!” And I’d be like, “🤷🏻‍♀️. Boundaries.”

Psychic protector, intuition booster, black tourmaline absorbs negative energies but also full stop holds your energy field when you need that support or you’re just plain feeling sensitive, diaphanous, porous and you don’t have the time or space to sit down and throw up an impenetrable container around yourself. Let. Rocks. Help. You!

Square Black tourmaline with Quartz Inclusion Necklace

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