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Super Seven, is an extremely rare high-frequency mineral with seven crystals naturally occurring in one, featuring Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Quartz. ⁠

Also known as “Melody’s Stone,” it’s a spiritual powerhouse and can help bring one’s mental prowess to the front and center while also connecting with spirit realms... which makes it SUPER clarifying, grounding, and a safe, powerful go between for y’all who are dimensional travelers whether you asked for that flexibility or not. ;) ⁠

I paired this rose cut faceted Super-7 with a rose encased in copper and 24k gold details—an abstract nod to the symbol for Venus. It hangs from a bronze chain and can be adjusted to your preferred length. Bronze, s-hook clasp.

Rose, Super-7 Venusian Power Necklace

  • Please carefully read policies and care instructions in FAQ section.

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