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This piece is layered with a sigil made as protection against a cruel and/or dangerous abuser. When encountered, this sigil will reveal the true depth of your magical power to a person/system who seeks to harm you, and result in their earned and due fear if/when they consider bringing you harm. This is revealing your vibrancy, your strong spirit and your connection to your own powerful will and magic.

The sword of this piece is made from kyanite, which has a calming effect on the body. It aligns/rebalance chakras without much ado. This crystal does not hold negative energy, does not require cleaning/clearing and is the perfect alchemical pairing for this protection sigil which projects your power. Balancing and harmonious. Can magnify the effects of other stones.

On the handle, a rose cut carnelian is held. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone which can be used to restore vitality, motivation and creativity. It can help dispel apathy and overcoming abuse. It also helps to feel grounded, can anchor oneself in reality and is excellent for meditation as well as stimulating/balancing reproductive organs.


Chain measures 19" end to end and features a bronze s-hook clasp.

Protection Sigil Athame/Dagger

  • Please carefully read policies and care instructions in FAQ section.

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