Artist Statement

With a background in sculpture, a penchant for repetative process' and crafting intricate parts, I fell in love with making jewelry. The process itself is my personal contradiction.  I like to get messy, run amok and be spontaneous. Jewelry making requires precision, focus and planning. Together, metal and I have discovered one another's ways- and have formed a bond. Through both my personal work and custom pieces, the process feels like a conversation, as I work to find form, meaning and function in the world and on the body. The result is something both raw and elegant- precice in construction and organic in form.


I feel connected to jewelry and metal for it's heirloom nature and it's specific role in carrying memory and meaning through families. And, I admire the quality of jewelry to serve as external representations of personal identity. This draws me to non-traditional materials that carry these stories, such as hair, teeth and bones, but also connects me to a love for re-milling grandmother's gold and recycling diamonds. There are stories inherited by the materials that become held and also transformed by the art.


I love learning the curve and behavior of metal and how it holds and interacts with gemstones, minerals and found objects. I love taking part in the transformation of silver, gold, brass, bronze and copper- witnessing each state of character - etching fractal patterns into copper, melting gold and rolling it into sheet and wire, heating silver until it becomes soft, coming up against its rigidity, forming, sawing, soldering and polishing - staying present through each step until it emerges, tangled with meaning and form. It is an alchemical process. As the metal changes, so does the story it holds. I honor the power of metal, wood, minerals and gemstones and work to make pieces that serve the wearer, function as fashion accoutrements and objects of power. 


My work looks to harness, mirror and serve what is spirit, nature, identity and the lineage of our chosen and given families, all within some wearable piece of sculptural jewelry. I pull inspiration from growth and decomposition in nature, animals, fairy-tales and metaphysical archetypes. I look at the places on the body jewelry a piece of jewelry is intended to be worn and think about what is communicated between the body and the jewelry and work from there to create links. I have found that each piece I make has an unforseen owner - some pieces will hang around for a week, while others take years to find their home. When the right person is united with the right piece - it is like some kind of a spiritual reunion and my work becomes validated through the meeting.


I love to make custom pieces - the process is an honor and true collaboration between myself and my clients. Through a series of conversations, paper and sometimes sculptural sketches - we work together to channel concepts, personal style, imagined forms and practical needs into wearable works of art. Please contact me for more information about this process.